About Reconnect

About Reconnect

REConnect was founded in 2016 under the hadracha of Rav Nissan Kaplan Shlita. We provide shiurim in English to the ladies of Yerushalayim and in September 2020 we lauched our first international branch in London!  Shiurim change on a monthly basis and include Halacha, Shalom Bayis, Yamim Tovim and Inyanei D'Yoma, Middos, Chinuch and loads more! They are delivered by Rabbanim, Rebbitzens and sought-after speakers who are experienced educators, teachers, and lecturers. REConnect is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers and we pay our expenses through minimal fees and your kind donations.



Our mission is to provide you with the shiurim and spiritual experiences that you want! So if there is a shiur, speaker or event that you would like to see brought to your community, please let us know and with Hashem's help we will make it happen!


a little chizuk from

Ha'rav nissan kaplan shlita

Branch Leaders and Volunteers
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Nava Zelman

Nava Zelman is originally from Lakewood and has been in Ramat Eshkol since 2018. She has always enjoyed using her leadership skills to organize inspiring events and to help others feel satisfied and connected to Hashem. 
Nava is passionate about helping others and finding ways to allow them to continue spiritual and intellectual stimulation even among hectic everyday life. She is excited to be a part of Reconnect and to continue using those skills as she finds it so important for everyone to have that connection-in every stage of life.
In addition to organizing shiurim for Reconnect, she works from home for Chemed Health Center in Lakewood NJ. On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys learning about the beauty of shalom bayis and looks forward to inspiring others to find the beauty of shalom bayis as well!


Sabina Kaufman

As one of the founding faculty, Sabina Kaufman, (originally from NY now Arzei Habira) brings her special personality, love of Torah and talents to ReConnect. A graduate of the Kosher Culinary Institute, Sabina enjoys cooking, baking and designing cook books. When she's not chasing after her two adorable daughters, she enjoys food photography and enhancing the ReConnect experience.


Ariella Denitz

Ariella Denitz is honored to have been a part of the Reconnect team since day one. She lives in Maalot Dafna and juggles jobs in kiruv and real estate. She helps out with various aspects of Reconnect such as financial management, editing, event assistance, and moral support. Reconnect's incredible harbatzas Torah and its tireless efforts to provide women with accessible and interesting shiurim in English make it a cause that is very close to Ariella's heart. Ariella considers it a privilege to help the amazing Ezekiels with this organization and looks forward to many more years of Reconnect magic!

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Chana Malka Ullmann

Originally from London, Chana Malka is so grateful to all the incredible people in her life who have helped her become the person she is today. She has been in Eretz Yisroel since 2017, and is excited every single day to be living in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh!
Chana Malka feels honored to be part of the Reconnect team, as she strongly believes in the importance of actively staying connected – to one’s self, to others, and most importantly, to Hashem. This connection helps her to keep the atmosphere in her home infused with the simcha of Yiddishkeit. 
Her goal as a team member is to build on that inspiration, and to share that same simcha, clarity and kedusha with every woman who wants it.

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Miri Weinraub

Miri Weinraub, raised in Melbourne, Australia and then Detroit, MI, is thrilled to be a part of Reconnect! Miri enjoys every form of art, and is so happy to use this talent to design the flyers and advertisements for this wonderful organisation! Aside from her Shaitel business, Miri runs a popular gan in Maalot Dafna, her new home. She loves to host Reconnect events and be a part of their inspiring and uplifting program, as well as to connect with the special women who attend.


Estee Solomon

Estee Solomon is originally from Monsey, New York, but has been living in Yerushalayim since 2017. Estee is grateful for every day that she gets to live here, surrounded by incredible people in a holy and beautiful land. Estee became involved in ReConnect when she first moved here, by immersing herself in all the shiurim she could. She learned so much and was so impacted, that she joined the team to help support the very organization that helped her. Estee helps in the advertising and proofreading components of the incredible organization. Reconnect continues to grow and inspire women from all walks of life. Reconnect is here for us whenever we are looking for inspiration and is a great place to connect to and meet new friends.

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Devora Meisels

Devora Meisels of DMCreative , is originally from NY and currently lives in Sorotzkin Area. She enjoys the Zechus of living in yerushalayim where her husband learns and she works in graphic design. Devora is proud to be a part of Reconnect by designing and creating flyers when they need and her schedule allows! “I think Reconnect is an amazing program, it gives women the chance to get together and be inspired!”

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Sara Beroukhim

Sara is originally from Great Neck, New York and enjoys hosting shiurim, printing flyers, and posting on social media for Reconnect. "In the past 2 years that I have lived in Ramat Eshkol, Reconnect has been there to teach me the fundamentals of building a healthy marriage, self-development, how to run a kosher home and to keep Shabbat properly, and so much more. Reconnect has provided a social outlet for me which was so important when having moved far away from friends and family and some of the women that I have met through Reconnect shiurim and special events have become my good friends. It's my pleasure to be a part of such a great organization"

Reconnect London

Shanah Ezekiel

Shanah Ezekiel was born in the UK and has been living in Eretz Yisroel since 2015. After completing her BA, she worked in Neve and graduated from Ner LeElef and Rebbetzin Abramov’s Kalla teaching course last year. She is currently studying for her Masters. Shanah is passionate about using creative outlets to connect to Hashem and enjoys cooking exotic Shabbos meals for husband’s talmidim and painting with her little boys in her spare time.
With the help of her wonderful husband and amazing friends, Shanah started Reconnect in 2016 and it is has sparkled up her life ever since. From shiurim, special events, kumzits and paint nights, she is always thinking of new exciting ways to generate inspiration. She thanks Hashem everyday for the opportunity to be a part of such a growing community and a special thanks for the wonderful ladies who have joined her to make Reconnect the incredible organisation it is today.
In 2020, Shanah moved to London and has started a Reconnect branch there!

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Rebecca Gubbay

Rebecca Gubbay, Originally from London lived in Ramat Eshkol since 2014 and has two little girls. Rebecca was a teacher in the Beis Yaakov High school in London and then on coming to Eretz Yisrael worked in Shearim Seminary in Har Nof. 
Rebecca currently is in her second year of Ner L’elef’s Kiruv course. She also helps out arranging shiurim and events for Reconnect. She feels the necessity of having such a special organisation in Israel, for all women whether newly married or settled here. For those that come to Eretz Yisrael for a couple years, It helps set an amazing foundation for marriage and life in the future. But in general to keep the home filled with kedusha the mother/wife has to have kedusha. There is no better way of gaining kedusha, other than going to here words of Torah that are so practical for the ikeres habayis!
In 2020, Rebecca moved to London and has started a Reconnect branch there!

Past Members

Aleeza Reches

Aleeza is originally from Houston, Texas and was living in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Israel in 2018. Aleeza managed the Reconnect website and worked to update the shuirim recordings so that anyone can enjoy them from anywhere in the world. She feels privileged to live in Eretz Yisroel and being a part of the Recconect team only adds to that excitement. In addition to Reconnect, Aleeza loves spending time with her family and working as a nurse. Since moving to Eretz Yisroel, Reconnect has provided the platform for her to meet many new people and to enjoy fantastic Shiurim! 


Devorah Schwalb

Devorah grew up in Los Angeles she now lives in Ramat Eshkol and is an incredible piano teacher. She enjoys sending out emails for Reconnect, and being a part in the amazing work which our coordinators Shanah and Rebecca do. She feels privileged to live in a community of bnos aliyah where women unite weekly to stay inspired from our special Reconnect speakers.

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Melissa Swed

I am originally from Chicago and currently live in Ramat Eshkol with my husband and son. I have the zchut to help Reconnect by creating flyers for shiruim and events. Reconnect is incredible because it allows women to continuously learn, grow, become inspired and connect with HaShem.

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Elisheva Horowitz

Elisheva Horwitz is our vibrant co-ordinator of the Reconnect branch in Romema. Originally from London and now settled there with her husband she is passionate about the Kollel experience being inclusive of the women. She teaches in an American seminary alongside working for reconnect to provide opportunities for practical and enjoyable learning, as well as the chance to meet new people living a similar lifestyle to you.

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Sari Levenson

Born in Melbourne Australia, Sari lived in Ramat Eshkol during the years 2014-2016 and is honored to be one of the original founders of Reconnect. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and daughter. Sari has always enjoyed using her organizational and leadership skills to create events and inspirational shiurim both in Ramat Eshkol and Melbourne. She is passionate about providing Jewish inspiration, events and ways to connect for the women. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science with a Diploma of Food and Nutrition, as well as completing Ohr Lagolah - Ohr Someach’s Kiruv training course - with her husband while living in Israel.